Already voted the 6th best thing to do this summer by The Times Online and it hasn't even happened yet!

Saturday 4th July 2009. 12-7pm. Free entry.

CHIPS Building, Upper Kirby Street, off Old Mill Street, New Islington, Manchester, M4 6EB MAP

Contents May Vary hosted ANTIFREEZE Manchester's very first art car boot fair as part of Trade City. ANTIFREEZE is an exhibition about the high-end art market delivered within the format of low-end trade. It is the grass-roots answer to hugely commercial art fairs allowing independent and non-commercial practitioners to explore ideas of value, exchange and independence with artists and artist-led organisations responding to the physical, social, economical, geographical and literal situation.

Taking in sculpture, printing, drawing, video, performance, installation, photography and collage, Contents May Vary's ANTIFREEZE offered extreme clowning, trespassed pictures, Nazi poster art, Kun(S)t stylings, Tranni Bingo, naff music, Regal defacement, automobiliart, a gift shop, zines, hunting women, masked men from the woods, black dogs, Kipling, turd polishing, Mainlining (Intercity), dogs in hot cars, Nail art (modern), vernacular diamonds and bread, neatly packaged in the car park of a building lifeless without art.

Manchester's first art car boot fair strolled through the embodied thoughts of over 60 artists from across the UK and beyond, who through no fault of their own have been put in a place beneath and above many others in the art industry. We gave them a platform to vent their airs and graces, woes and praises, present their skills and collections, to succeed and fail, to make money and lose faith, to spend hours in traffic getting here and minutes setting up their work without our help, just so people they don't know can spend seconds judging them on it.

ANTIFREEZE 2009 photos

100th Monkey
Airspace Gallery
Richard Aldred
Stephen Ashdown, Frances Blythe, Antony Clarkson, Siân Green, Naomi Lethbridge
Beth Barlow
Bearspace: Isabel Rock
Samantha Bell
Richard Birdseed and Dan Blacklodge
Black Dogs
Sophie Bower
Alice Bradshaw
Megan Broadmeadow
Camp Yellow: Mike Redmond, Faye Johnson and Lisa Handley
Elena Cassidy Smith, Mitra Memarzia and Bec Garland
Cheap Magazine
Ben Connell
Joe Duffy
Eagle and Feather (AKA Julian Lloyd Butler & Stephen Earl Rogers)
Exhibit X
Micheal Farquar
Sue Fox
Garth Gratrix
Anton Harding
Annie Harrison and Jane Lawson
Marielle Hehir
Adam Higman and Tim Sargent
Intercity Mainline
Hilary Jack
Gwen Jones
Helen Kaplinsky
Magdalena Natalia Kwiatkowska
Alison Kershaw
L-13: Harry Adams, James Caouty, Billy Childish, James Reid
Felicity Langthorne, Alison Stockwell, Hannah Marsden, Claire Rowlands, Steven Walker and Laura Kirby
M A Longbottom
Jude Macpherson
Alexis Milne
Mirror Mirror
Liz Murphy
New Curiosity Shop
Caron Ottewell and Victoria Foster
Julia Peat with assistance from Cargos casual team member Jayne Seddon
Delphine Perrot
Pool Arts: Annette Ebanks, Trae England, Tess Lomas, Colin Nixon, Eddie Price, Siobhan Samuels, Nicola Smith, David Speer
Adam Renshaw
Nick Rhodes
Sophie Rogers
Chiz Turnross
Richard Shields
Lucy May Scofield
Sketch City
Emily Smallwood
Anna Stogdon
Jared Szpakowski
Joyce Wan
Tom Watson
Olivia Williams
YES IT IS: Anna Beam, Lora Avedian, Laura Gee, Georgina Sullivan
Yorkshire Sculptors Group: Alan Gummerson, Andrew Pert, Victoria Lucas, Rebecca Strain, Linda Thompson, Terry Hammill, Suzanne North, Barry Midgley, Lucy Hainsworth, John Adamson, Paula Chambers, Hilary Burt

Contains some adult content.

About Trade City: Centred on the notion of trade pursued as a livelihood, this exhibition reflects the trading that has taken place between the artists and curators making up 13 independent, citywide, art initiatives. This alternative economy draws reference from and plays off the city's pioneering economic heritage. Through Trade City, Contemporary Art Manchester proposes an innovative approach to displaying the social transactions of contemporary art at this moment.

About Contemporary Art Manchester: The partners within CAM consortium are unified in their role to programme artists' work, through diverse and innovative curatorial frameworks including exhibition, screening and publication formats. Current partners of CAM include twenty+3 projects, 100th Monkey, Bureau, Castlefield Gallery, Contents May Vary, Edmundson & Quaife, Exocet, FutureEverything, Gymnasium, Interval, Islington Mill Art Academy, Harfleet and Jack, Salford Restoration Office and Rogue Project Space.

Trade City is supported by Arts Council England