22nd November - 9th December 2010

Union 105, Leeds, UK

Union 105

Alice Bradshaw, Michael Burkitt, Edwyn Butler, Helen Collett, Myles Donaldson, Johanna Goetze, Chris Hurford, James Moffat, Kerry Morrison, Liz Murphy, Janie Nicoll, Rosanne Robertson, Richard Shields & Gabriel Stones

For Propellart, Contents May Vary presented the outcome of their Boatelier journey through the waterways of the Rochdale Canal, Social, Liberal and Working Men's Clubs, 24 hour artist residencies and exchanges with those further a field. Music, writing, rubbish, drawing, drinking maybe even drowning are the fruits of their labours on display in the gallery in the city away from the water channels. The collections created aboard Boatelier form the basis of this exhibition at Union 105 and combined with documentation of the process, visitors will discover a snapshot of a week in the lives of Contents May Vary and the artists in residence aboard a narrow boat in the Calder Valley. All are welcome to experience the experiences and to ask what they will of those involved.

Boatellier and Propellart are part of Over Yonder in collaboration with East Street Arts, a project containing the efforts of many collectives and institutions in both the Aire-Calder Valley and Ruhr Vallery in Germany. Contents May Vary is an artist collective of limited means other than savvy and gall. They show anywhere with a roof and sometimes without. There work is informed and informal, giving their audience of all walks a varied artistic experience.

Contents May Vary will also be giving an artists' talk at Union 105 on Wednesday 24th November, 5-7pm, as part of East Street Arts' Weds@105 Series 2: On Collaboration and Collectivity, Free and informal.

The artists also gave a talk on 24th November at Union105 as part of Weds@105 Series 2: On Collaboration and Collectivity.

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Over Yonder: Boatelier was made possible by the support of West Yorkshire Grants, Marketing Leeds, Jet2 and Leeds City Council.