Art & Summet Else

Wednesday 8th December 2010: Art & Christmas

PSL Christmas Party

Q1: Which artist is exhibiting 12 castrated reindeer in the Hamburger Bahnhoff over Christmas this year?
Q2: Which London based artist designed this year's Tate Christmas tree, which The Telegraph described as normal in yesterday's news?
Q3: Name one YBA commissioned by MOMART for this year's Bowes Museum Christmas Card exhibition.
Q4: Which TV show features Santa's Little Helper as the family pet?
Q5: Which popular music band turned on the Leeds Christmas lights this year?
Q6: Where is Manchester's newest pop up gallery-cum-shop, the Grotto?
Q7: Which American artist with a very Christmassy themed name, died of a drugs overdose in July, 2009?
Q8: Which American artist who favours old fashioned polaroids created the piece "I Caught Mommy Kissing Santa Claus (Rainblo)" this year?
Q9: Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a what?
Q10: Which late French Sociologist and Anthropologist authored The Gift, first published in 1923, and is cited to have said "The gift not yet repaid debases the man who accepts it"?
Q11: What was last year's Christmas number one, thanks to a facebook campaign highlighting the X Factor monopoly over the slot?
Q12: Which radio station broadcast an uncensored version on this track despite a plea from the host not to use expletives live on air.?
Q13: Cage Against the Machine is a current campaign to get John Cage's masterpiece, 4'33", to Christmas No.1 for 2010. The track has been covered by a host of contemporary musicians. Name one of the acts involved.?
Q14: Which Family Guy member released their own Christmas CD in 2005?
Q15: Irish rocker Bono appeared in both versions of charity single "Do they know it's Christmas?" What were his lines in the song?
Q16: Which BRIT Award winning singer-songwriter was born on Christmas Day?
Q17: Jack Vertrianno has produced the official Christmas card for which country's First Minister?
Q18: Which 3 starred Michelin chef has published the recipe for his televised Meat Fruit?
Q19: Which year did Lance Fung curate the Show Snow for the Winter Olympics in Torino, Italy?
Q20: Who is the author of the children's Christmas classic The Snowman published in 1978 and first broadcast as an animation on Christmas Eve in 1982?

Tuesday 29th June 2010: Art & Annuals

Edinburgh Annuale

Q1: Which country is Annual a north-eastern settlement of, with coordinates 35°08'N 3°35'W?
Q2: Which country is Annual Art Magazine's HQ?
Q3: Which garden plant, which is often grown as an annual, does artist Paul Harfleet plant at sites of homophobic abuse?
Q4: What day of the year is Art's Birthday?
Q5: What year did all 3 current members of Contents May Vary graduate with the annual degree show at Manchester Metropolitan University?
Q6: Which comic annual is 2002 Turner Prize winner Keith Tyson said to have put into quantum physics?
Q7: What was the annual increase of the UK's total net debt 2009-2010? £160bn, £260bn or £360bn?
Q8: How many Amazing Spider-Man annuals have been issued to date? 23, 35 or 42?
Q9: Which African mammal has a gestation period of approximately one calendar year?
Q10: Who will be in Cactusville holding Jak in his 2011 annual?
Q11: This year saw the 82nd Annual Academy Awards. Which Coen Brothers film was up for Best Picture?
Q12: What is the name of the annual celebration of the arts in Wales?
Q13: How much is a day pass to, a website which claims to give you the most thorough coverage of American and European auction houses?
Q14: Currently listed on Ebay is a used copy of THE ART ATTACK ANNUAL 2006, made to accompany the TV series. It also features a special introduction from 90s hero Neil Buchanan. It is in good condition a part from some scribble which can be seen on the front cover and also on pages 26, 27 and 69; some of the puzzles have already been completed, and there is a small amount of scribble at the top of page 76. What was the starting price for this item?
Q15: What is the current top story in the news sections of ANNUAL the contemporary art publication?
Q16: How many winners of the Turner Prize, an annual prize hosted by the TATE are from or are based in Scotland?
Q17: Which Scottish artist is shortlisted for this year's Turner Prize?
Q18: The Venice Biennale is an event which happens every 2 years, as opposed to annually. Which UK artist represented Germany in the 2009 Biannale as an act supposed to represent a comment on the art-world's "assault" on the outdated notion of the nation-state?
Q19: Neighbours TV Annual 1988 featured which Aussie sweetheart couple on the cover?
Q20: Art Review's online annual calendar deliberately misspells the word calendar by omitting which letter?

Friday 21st May 2010: Art & Media

Cu Quiz

Q1: Which radio device is a misspelling of a contemporary art prize on the Tate's website?
Q2: Who famously walked off a live Channel 4 set discussion with Matthew Collings in 1997?
Q3: Which contemporary London artist recently made her directorial feature length film debut about John Lennon's childhood and is now having the young male star's baby?
Q4: Which film festival did Bansky's film "Exit Through the Gift Shop" debut at?
Q5: Which famous surrealist artist was once associated with the production of the Dune film?
Q6: What VHS stand for?
Q7: Andorra has currently has a 0% employment rate, what popular media do they also have 0 of?
Q8: What outnumbers people in Taiwan and Luxembourg?
Q9: What image did Andy Warhol steal from a press photograph and use in his print Orange Disaster (1962-63)?
Q10: Digital Artist Cory Archangel infiltrated which song by "The Boss" with his Glockenspiel Addendum?
Q11: The internet viral which featured 80s legend Rick Astley was called what?
Q12: How many tweets has the futr everything # tag had on twitter to the nearest 100?
Q13: What was the name of the contemporary artist character in the Channel 4 cult comedy Spaced?
Q14: What is the nationality of the inventor of television?
Q15: What is the nationality of the first broadcaster of television?
Q16: What is the atomic number of Cu?
Q17: What does HTML stand for?
Q18: What is TV static?
Q19: What is the top level country code domain name equivalent to .com and for the islands of Tuvala?
Q20: What does the term "new media" mean?

Sunday 17th January 2010: Art & Flux

Art & Summet Else returned for Art's Birthday 2010

On 17 January 1963, artist Robert Filliou proclaimed Art was 1,000,000 years old, proposing a public holiday to celebrate the presence of art in our lives. So according to this, Art will be 1,000,047 years old on 17 January 2010.

For Art's Birthday 2010, Contents May Vary hosted an Art & Flux quiz with a special Art & Birthdays bonus round as part of East Street Arts and Bloc (York)'s celebratory event on Sunday 17th January 2010.

Q1: Which language does the word "flux" derive?
Q2: Who founded Something Else Press in 1963?
Q3: Which two directions feature on George Brecht’s event card "Two Vehicle Events"?
Q4: Which rule is often used to understand electromagnetic flux vectors in 3 dimensions?
Q5: True or false: did Yoko Ono intentionally infiltrate The Beatles as a Fluxist event?
Q6: What was the name of the gallery that Flux artist Daniel Spoerri opened above his Restaurant in Düsseldorf and in 1970?
Q7: What term coined by Dick Higgins in 1966 describes the blending of artistic media and disciplines often cited as a defining feature of Fluxus?
Q8: Art or not art?
Q9: An Anthology of what was started by La Monte Young as guest editor of an issue of Beatitude East in 1960 and finally published in 1963?
Q10: Draw flux
Q11: What did Dick Higgins in his essay "A Child's History of Fluxus" claim artists, composers and others consider more beautiful than fancy sculptures?
Q12: According to Walter De Maria, what would a non-secretary need to do periodically if filing letters in a filing cabinet to ensure it was meaningless work and did not create a sense of accomplishment?
Q13: What was Dieter Roth's Poetry Machine?
Q14: Ferrofluid is a liquid which becomes strongly magnetised in a magnetic field forming patterns. Which physical phenomenon, named after the Scottish botanist Robert Brown, is the movement of suspended particles in fluid which creates the patterns?
Q15: Yes or no?

Art & Birthdays Round
Q1: The son of German composer Johann Sebastian Bach, Johann Christian Bach, shares his birthday with which experimental composer credited with origins of Fluxus?
Q2: How did art begin on January 17th 1 million and 63 years ago according to Peter Filliou?
Q3: Which Bronte sister was born on Art's birthday in 1820?
Q4: Which type of animal always has their birthday on 1st January in the northern hemisphere and 1st August in the southern hemisphere regardless of the actual date of birth?
Q5: Who was first introduced to the term "un-birthday" as an event that can be celebrated on any day not that person's birthday?

Other fun and games include Art's Birthday Cake Non-Baking with Catherine Scriven, Making Mail Art and Sending It with Nathan Walker, Craft Corner with Happy Cat, Recreational Creation with Bloc, CQ Game with Benedict Phillips, Field Study with Phillips and David Dellafiora, Three Sided Table Tennis with Jon Wakeman and Video Screening from the Bodor Hunter Studio Archive.

Sunday 6th April 2008: Art & The Law

Q1: The 2005 series of work "Fuck The Police" was created by which artist?
Q2: Which art collective had their Banksy inspired work entitled "Kissing Policemen (An Epoch of Clemency)" banned in Russia last year?
Q3: If a dead whale is found on the British Coast which part legally belongs to the king?
Q4: What did artist Mark McGowan push from Goldsmiths College to 10 Downing Street with his nose before handing over to the police in 2003?
Q5: In Denmark what are you legally required to check underneath your car for before you start the vehicle?
Q6: Name one of the stolen paintings from Switzerland's largest art robbery last February, estimated to have a combined worth of £85m.
Q7: Which Bradford born artist has publicly stated he does not recognize the smoking ban?
Q8: How long was the Mona Lisa missing for when it was stolen in 1911?
Bonus point for the name the thief
Q9: What is the only legal way for a man to urinate in public in the UK?
Q10: In September 2007 the Police seized images from an exhibition titled "Thanks Giving" in the Baltic. Which artists was responsible for the pictures?
Bonus point: The work was taken from which famous persons private collection?
Q11: What instigated an argument between the art critic Phillip Hensher and artist Tracey Emin, which almost ended in the law courts in 2003?
Q12: In Pennsylvania, if a driver sees a team of horses what are they legally require to do with their car?
Q13: French artist Pierre Pioncelli having already being sentenced to jail for one month in 1984 was once again in the spotlight in 1996 for vandalism in the Pompidou centre. What did he do?
Q14: On the eve of the 1994 Winter Olympics, a gang of thieves broke into Norway's National Gallery and stole Edvard Munch's "The Scream". It took less than a minute for the group to break in, they left a note in place of the painting, what did it say?
Q15: Which 17th Century Italian painter was incarcerated many times for a series of crimes including assaulting strangers, throwing stones and insulting police the injuries from these incidents eventually caused his death.
Q16: "The London Police" are an arts collective which specialise in what type of art?
Q17: Which Welsh poet was described by Time magazine after his death as a slob, a liar, a moocher, a thief and a two fisted booze fighter?
Q18: What does a recently introduced anti crime law in Alaska require criminals to do to their intended victims?
Q19: At which CMV preview did the police attended after complaints of noise and drunkardness from local residents?
Q20: Which 2 members of the New York Art scene did Valeris Solanas shoot on June 3rd 1968?

Sunday 2nd March 2008: Art & Automobiles

Q1: What was the only colour that Henry Ford used for his automobiles when he set up first production line in 1914?
Q2: In 1927 Ford released the Ford model T which is hailed as the worlds first affordable automobile. How many months wage would a Ford production line employee have to save before they could afford to buy one?
Q3: Which Canadian band released the number 1 single mmm mmm mmm in 1993?
Q4: Since 2005 artist Lukasz Skapski has been traveling all over Poland documenting the use DIY Versions of which automobiles?
Q5: John Duckworth travelled a record breaking 2662.8 miles on what type of automobile?
Q6: What form did David Mach construct from 6000+ car tyres outside the South Bank Centre in London in 1983 entitled Polaris?
Bonus Q: According to the artist's website it was outside for about a week before it was deliberately destroyed by what?
Q7: What automobile does Sarah Lucas drive?
Q8: Jaguar Mark 2 was the favorite car which sculpture who described the machine as "sculpture in motion"?
Q9: The 1985 "Automobile And Culture - Detroit Style" exhibition at Detroit Institute Of Art, included which Bradford born artist?
Q10: The 1994 exhibition "Designed for Speed" and the New York Museum of Modern Art was a show of which make of car?
Q11: How long is Kraftwerk's album version of the title track Autobahn released in 1974?
Q12: In October 2007 the artist Robert Gould deliberately illegally parked around London over a period of 5 months to see how many parking tickets he could collect and then displayed them in a London gallery, how many did he manage to collect in this time?
Q13: What did Alexander Laner use a car engine for in his 2005 piece Der Plattenspieler?
Q14: Despite cheating in every episode which duo always came last in the cartoon Wacky Races?
Q15: Danius Kesminas exhibited the remains of the rental car that which art critic nearly lost his life in in a head on collision in Australia, May 1999?
Q16: What colour was the van in the A team?
Q17: What form of transport did Romuald Hazoumé make from 421 petrol cans, entitled "Dream"?
Q18: In which year is the worlds first flying car named "The Tranisition" set for release?
Q19: Name one of the artists to sign the futurists "Aeropainting Manifesto" in 1929?
Q20: What was the name of the car in Back to the Future?

Sunday 3rd February 2008: Art & Bad Weather

Q1: What are the warning signs of frostbite in humans?
Q2: How can you tell if a plant is frost damaged?
Q3: Which artist died of frostbite in 1917 when the French government refused him financial aid for a flat, yet they kept his statues warmly housed in museums?
Q4: Which European country was the worlds longest record-breaking scarf, which extended to 33.74 miles and was handcrafted by over 2000 knitters, made?
Q5: Factories In The Snow, published in 2006, is by which artist?
Q6: Which artist refilled puddles in Manchester to level he found them at the previous day?
Q7: Which Manchester artist has mended discarded broken umbrellas and returned them to their found location?
Q8: What colour of a single rainbow is on the inside of the rainbow's arc, given the generally defined seven-colour rainbow?
Q9: What does Turner's 1823 painting "A Storm" depict being destoyed by bad weather?
Q10: Which Victorian art critic is famously quoted to have said "There is no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather."
Q11: What type of cloud is normally associated with thunderstorms?
Q12: What cloud term means "sheet" or "sheetlike" or "layer"?
Q13: Which scottish pop band from the 80's had a bad weather name?
Q14: Extreme weather was thought to be a major cause of 2 deaths and 13 casualities last July in County Durham in an accident involving what kind of sculpture?
Bonus point for name of sculpture
Bonus point for name of artist
Q15: The heaviest recorded hailstones weighed (approximately) 25g, 100g, 500g or 1kg?
Q16: In which country did a group of radical artists panic TV viewers by sneaking a nuclear mushroom cloud into its weather report?
Q17: In Fuji which ceremonious day is it considered good luck to rain on?
Q18: Aside of the amusing reference popularised by Frank Zappa, what is the usual cause of a large-scale "yellow snow" weather effect seen in certain parts of the world?
Q19: Jane Fulton Alt, Mitch Epstein, Chris Jordan, Robert Polidori and Stephen Wilkes all exhibited separately in NYC galleries with pictures taken at the site of which 2006 natural disaster?
Q20: What temperature was it at 6am this morning in Manchester City Centre?