April 2006

London 2006

Friday 7th April, 6-8pm, Redchurch St. E2
Saturday 8th April, 2-4pm, Vyner St. E2

CONTENTS MAY VARY bring you an exhibition of contemporary art in the back of a black cab.

Bearing no stylistic or thematic correlation, the work forfeits the transcending catalyst to affiliate the individual's immediate practice to the organization. Instead, all initiatives exist through the inquisitive exploration and prospects that the group initiate - regarding the challenge and possibilities of combining an alternative space with the work - the upcoming exhibition strays not from the source of this experimental, yet meticulously deliberated procedure.

To be held using a Hackney-carriage as the platform, plinth, pedestal, frame or vitrine for the work, only re-enforces the exhibiting stance pursued by ContentsMayVary since their founding. An iconic vessel that boasts the licence to roam freer than buses, trains or tubes, it weaves through the preponderance of internationally recognized scenery...physical landscape that adheres to a vast array of connotative links to the immediate visual or symbolist perception, but holds underlying burrows of repercussive activity that encompasses a much broader spectrum of issues.

The works subtly cover a plethora of social, environmental and communicative issues. Transitionally, there is a sharp, challenging shift from the conventional ambience of the white-washed studio...with the pieces destined for the bland, dull aesthetics of the stereotypical London Taxi. With the short time-span adopted by the group, the artists have chosen to journey from the source city (Manchester) to exhibitive city (London) on the day of the exhibition...physically transporting the work with them. Boundaries of scale are automatically adopted, in the first step of an adventurous exercise and procedure. The quick, improvised curatorial routine is designed to unite the logics of both the individuals (the artist and the driver) and the group (ContentsMayVary). The final step in the quest for overall completion will rely on the critique and response to the show - through dialogue, accessibility and physical response/interaction with the work.

Ultimately, each aspect of the proceedings reflect the group's strong need to question the periphery of boundaries or rules - incorporating the logistics and function of the immediate work, into the influences of the realm encasing it.

Jon Turner


Martha Webster

If Money Was No Object

Richard Shields

Modern and Contemporary Tourism For All

Ed Payne

Taxi with Tent Annex

Alice Bradshaw

Inside Out

Richard Shields

Intrinsic Fiver